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American Legion Post 805

Explanation of the Preamble to the Constitution (continued)


“To make right the master of might…”

The American form of government guarantees equal rights to all citizens.  The American Legion and Auxiliary, born from a struggle against ruthless might, pledges their strength to a continued struggle to prevent invasion of the rights of any citizen by any force, no matter of what character.

“To promote peace and goodwill on earth…”

The men and women of the American Legion and the women of the Auxiliary know well the ghastly futility of war.  We know that war brings only misery to any nation, which engages in it, to the victor as well as the vanquished.  With the lessons of war constantly in mind, we pledge ourselves to promote peace and goodwill among nations.  We have worked steadily in the cause in the face of forces, which have sought to sow enmity and war throughout the world.

“To safeguard and transmit to posterity the principles of justice, freedom and democracy…”

These were the principles that inspired America’s great war efforts over the decades, and the American Legion and Auxiliary stand determined that these principles should not be lost to America in time of peace.  Following this pledge, the American Legion and Auxiliary work to safeguard justice, freedom and democracy against the dangers of indifferent citizenship and undermining by their enemies.  It strives to give understanding of and devotion to these principles to the younger generations of Americans so that they will endure for the future of the country.

“To consecrate and sanctify our association by devotion to mutual helpfulness.”

In this final phrase of the Preamble is set forth the purpose which has guided the American Legion and Auxiliary in all of their vast rehabilitation and youth work; in everything they have done to lighten the burden for those suffering from the results of wars; and to bring full justice to those paying the human price for America’s victory.  In this work of mercy and relief, the American Legion and Auxiliary have made great contributions toward the achievement of the American Legion’s purpose.

(End of Preamble)



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